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Definition of Review
Review is a text which presents critical analysis on events or works for readers or public audiences

Ciri-ciri teks Review

žFokus pada partisipan tertentu
žMenggunakan kata sifat untuk menunjukkan sikap, seperti bad, good, etc
žMenggunakan clausa panjang dan komplek
žMenggunakan perumpamaan

Struktur teks Review
žOrientasi: pengenalan hal yang akan diangkat

žInterpretive recount : ringkasan cerita, tafsir
žEvaluation : evaluasi atau penilaian
žEvaluative summation : rangkuman

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
žPengenalan /Orientasi (orientation) :
I absolutely love the Harry Potter series, and all of the books will always hold a special place in my heart.
žEvaluasi 1 (Evaluation  1):
I have to say that of all the books, however, this one was not my favorite.
žEvaluasi 2 (Evaluation 2) :
When the series began it was as much of a “feel good” experience as a huge mug of hot cocoa. The stories were bright, fast-paced, intriguing, and ultimately satisfying.
žTafsiran (Interpretative recount) :
Order of the Phoenix is a different kind of book. In some instances this works…you feel a whole new level of intensity and excitement by the time you get to the end. I was truly moved by the last page. Other times the book just has a slightly dreary, depressing feel. The galloping pace of the other books has slowed to a trot here, and parts of it do seem long, as if we’re reading all about Harry “just hanging out” instead of having his usual adventures. Reading in detail about Harry cleaning up an old house, for example – housekeeping is still housekeeping, magical or no, and I’m not very interested in doing it or reading about other people doing it.
žRangkuman (Evaluative summation) :
A few other changes in this book – the “real” world comes much more in to play rather than the fantasy universe of the previous books, and Harry has apparently been taken off his meds. I know that he had a lot to be grumpy in this book, especially with being a teenager and all, but the sudden change in his character seemed too drastic. He goes from being a warm-hearted, considerate person to someone who will bite his best friend’s heads off over nothing. It just seemed like it didn’t fit with his character, like he turned into a walking cliché of the “angry teen” overnight.
  The “real” story seemed to happen in the last 1/3 of the book, and this part I loved. I actually liked the ending (and yes, I cried!) as sad as it was. It packed a punch and it made me care about the story even more. Still a really good book, with some editing it would have been great.

Opera has officially launched the best phone web browser world widely. I've been using
it since last summer.

Here are the things that separate Opera Mini out from other applications. Opera Mini is
small and easy to download and install. Beside that Opera has made the process
simple by providing direct access to download, no registration or multiple page view
needed. Opera Mini's speed of downloading is incredible. It makes GPRS seem a lot
faster. It compresses and down-sizes of picture on the server but not every web page
will looks perfect. The header image on my blog doesn't show up.

I think Opera has done an amazing job. I expect huge things from this. I bet you could
easily base a new web-based business around this browser.

Opera Mini is just about the best browser I've ever seen on mobile phone.
(Simplified from:

Generic Structure Analysis
Introduction/ Orientation;
       the best browser on mobile phone has been launched word widely by Opera.
Evaluation; Opera Mini is easy to download, has an incredible speed but image of the page isn't perfect.
Interpretation; I think Opera has done an amazing job. A new web-based business could be easily based around this browser.
Summary; Opera is the best browser on mobile phone.

Language Feature Analysis
Focusing on certain participant; I
Using evaluative adjective; best, perfect, easy, etc

Reviewed by Rodman Philbrick
I’ve never been to Alabama, but novelist Harper Lee made me feel as if I had been
there in the long, hot summer of 1935, when a lawyer named Atticus Finch decided to
defend an innocent black man accused of a horrible crime. The story of how the whole
town reacted to the trial is told by the lawyer’s daughter, Scout, who remembers exactly
what it was like to be eight years old in 1935, in May comb, Alabama.

Scout is the reason I loved this book, because her voice rings so clear and true. Not
only does she make me see the things she sees, she makes me feel the things she
feels. There’s a lot more going on than just the trial, and Scout tells you all about it.
A man called Boo Radley lives next door. Very few people have ever seen Boo, and
Scout and her friends have a lot of fun telling scary stories about him. The mystery
about Boo Radley is just one of  the reasons you want to keep turning the pages to find
out what happens in To Kill a Mockingbird.

To Kill a Mockingbird is filled with interesting characters like Dill, and Scout makes them
all seem just as real as the people in your own hometown. Here’s how Scout describes
Miss Caroline, who wore a red–striped dress: “She looked and smelled like a
peppermint drop.”

The larger theme of the story is about racial intolerance, but Scout never tries to make it
a “lesson,” it’s simply part of the world she describes. That’s why To Kill a Mockingbird
rings true, and why it all seems so real.

Even though the story took place many years ago, you get the idea that parts of it could
happen today, in any town where people distrust and fear each other’s differences.

In a just world an innocent man should be found not guilty. But if you want to know
whatthis particular jury finally decides and what happens to Scout and Jem and Dill and
Boo Radley and the rest of the people who live and breathe in To Kill a Mockingbird,
you’ll have to read the book.

The Notebook
Nicholas Sparks ( Warner Books Romance ISBN: 0446605239 )
When author Nicholas Sparks sat down to write The Notebook, a tender love story
inspired by the enduring relationship of his wife Cathy’s grandparents, he wanted his
readers to walk away with a renewed spirit of hope. “I’ll never forget watching those two
people flirt,” he recalls. “I mean, you don’t see that very often. They’d been married 67
years, and yet they still loved each other. I wanted to write a book about that kind of
love. I wanted people to know that unconditional love does exist.”

So Sparks created The Notebook, the simple story of Noah Calhoun, a soft spoken
North Carolina outdoorsman who carried his love for the willowy Allie Nelson with him
long after their youthful romance had ended. He paralleled Noah’s silent passions with
Allie’s haunting thoughts—feelings she could not escape even after she became
engaged to another man. He asked his readers to consider what it might mean if these
relatively happy, middle-aged people found their destinies once again overlapped.

He presented a question all but universal in appeal: What would happen if two people
were given a second chance at the love of a lifetime? Sparks deftly answers that
question. But it’s the inspiration drawn from his real life grandparents that makes The
Notebook more than just a novel of flames reignited. The novel opens and closes with
an elderly Noah Calhoun reading aloud from his personal journals and “notebooks.” And
as he shares the delicate details, the good with the bad, it’s clear he is as enchanted
with Allie in old age as he was on the day they met. “And that’s the legacy of The
Notebook,” according to Nicholas Sparks. “When love is real, it doesn’t matter what
turns the road takes. When love is real, the joys and possibilities are endless.”

 Jurrasic Park: The Lost World
A reviewer from Indonesia :

Good morning to all the fans of science-fiction movies. Welcome back with me, Putri
Made Lestari, in an adventure program, Science-fiction review. Do you still remember
the story of Jurassic Park I? Great! I absolutely love Jurassic Park and all the science
fiction movies will always please the fans, including me. The Lost World is Jurassic Park
Part II, which is still about an island populated with real dinosaurs. Released in 1997.

This science-fiction adventure is the sequel to the box-office hit Jurassic Park (1993), in
which a scientist built a dinosaur theme park on a remote island. Although those
dinosaurs were destroyed, there were still some left on another island. Dr. Sarah
Harding, played by Julianne Moore, and Dr. Ian Malcolm, played by Jeff Goldblum,
travel to the island to observe the dinosaurs and try to prevent Roland Tembo who is
played by Pete Postlethwaite from rounding the beasts up and taking them to a theme
park in the United States. The weather turns bad, the dinosaurs become violent, and
one of the angry beasts makes its way to Los Angeles, California. It’s very amazing,
isn’t it?

Okay audience, with me this morning is Mr.Steven Spielberg, the director of the
Jurassic Park. Good morning and welcome to Indonesia. I’d be glad to have your view
on Jurassic Park. Steven Spielberg: To be perfectly frank, this is not a science fiction,
it’s science eventually. This movie, however, wants you to learn one thing: you decide
you can control nature, and from that moment on you’re in deep trouble because you
can’t do it. You can make a boat, but you can’t make the ocean. You can make an
aeroplane, but you can’t make the air. Your powers are much less than your dreams
would have you believe.

The reviewer from Indonesia: Wow, Jurassic Park really deserves the highest praise.
Thanks for joining with Mr. Steven Spielberg and me. See you tomorrow on the same
program. Bye.

The Guy Next Door ( Meggin Cabot )
A novel normally consists of chapters. But you will find none in this book. Why?
Because it consists of e-mails. Yep, you read me right, they are a bunch of e-mails from
people who keep in touch with each other and talk about all kinds of seemingly
unrelated things, which somehow share a common thread, in a humorous way.

Melissa Fuller is a journalist working for the New York Journal. From her and her
friend’s e-mails, we get the impression that Melissa is an attractive, intelligent, redhaired
single girl with a kind heart toward her friends and animals. After an accident and some
arrangements, she ends up living next door to a handsome stranger whom she believes
is the nephew of her elderly neigbor. Actually, he is not what he admits he is. But before
she knows it, they fall in love with each other. Will she be able to accept the fact that the
gorgeous guy next door has been lying to her even though they both share the same

Meggin Cabot alias Meggin Patricia Cabot is also the writer of the successful teenage
series The Princess’ Diaries. The Guy Next Door is her debut in the genre of
contemporary adult novel. It discusses relationships, working environments, and solving
a mystery from many people’s different point of view. Just like her other books, The Guy
Next Door is amusing, refreshing, and enlightening altogether. I wonder what this and
other writers will do next, create a novel out of cluster of SMS’s, perhaps? THAT would
be cool. 

2012 Film Review
2012 is Roland Emmerich's film which uses the Mayan calendar and other end-of-days
prophecies for their doomsday scenario. It imagines the world coming to an end in

2012 film brings off a series of wonders. The movie hits its peak early on. It starts when
Cusack drives a limo through the streets of Los Angeles as freeways and skyscrapers
crumble all around him from the shock of a 10.5 earthquake. The preposterous flying
sequence is equally thrilling. The climax occurs aboard the giant ark, when an
equipment malfunction almost threatens the entire mission.

Unfortunately, the crucial sequence is not filmed or edited with the requisite clarity. In
2012 film, Emmerich leaves us befuddled as to exactly what is happening to whom.
However, Emmerich' 2012 deserves credit for offbeat casting. Cusack supplies his
trademark hangdog charm. McCarthy has perhaps his best role ever as Peet's cocky.
Danny Glover lends dignity to the role of the tormented president. Chiwetel Ejiofor, as
the chief scientist, brings a moving sense of anguish to a stock role. Platt has fun
playing the villain of the piece, and Woody Harrelson also chews the scenery as a bug
eyed radio prophet trying to warn his listeners about Armageddon.

All in one, 2012's cinematography, production design and visual effects are awards
worthy. Music also propels the movie. It presents American Idol runner-up, Adam
Lambert, who provides a rousing anthem over the end credits.
Simplified from:

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Translation is transferring not only words by word but also message to message. In
certain case, it will be quite difficult to make translation. How is to make good
Arabic translation from English phrase of “as white as snow” meanwhile there is no
snow in Arabian?

The basic requirement of a good translator is mastering resource and target
language with all non-linguistic aspect . If he is an English translator and wants to
make Hindi translation, he should understand well the language and aspect of
India. Similarly, if he works with Farsi translation, he has to be familiar with
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However, translation providers can bridge that difficulty. The translation experts,
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The loved people will make us do everything. They have great impact on us. We will do
anything for them. Luckily we have ability to catch the advantage of that "force", one
example is a TAMM creation. This site is built with the motivation to do everything for
the kids and fortunately supported by the husband. After all, we find that this site is
composed by a mother. Now she has and run her own business.

She loves writing as it is said in her previous pos 'freelance writing'. It is a great interest.
Firstly it is just for fun but in the end she eagerly to write a book. At least by writing she
has opportunity to share her idea, thought, and creation. She understands well that
writing has strong power for socialization personally and profitably. This blog where she
writes on used to be a medium for her to run his business, selling handicraft creation.
As everything had changed she focused on topic of kid and family. She has been a

It is time for men speak. If previous post is about kid and mother, this post is about men
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This site features Ohio State player and recruit interviews of football, basketball and
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It also provides news area which a lot of up-to-date information about sport and things
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Life itself is a journey. For Rosemarie, a pretty young Filipino single mother for 2-year
kid, the daily activities are worthily documented. The site is her effort to record of what
she did, does and will do daily.

The site consists of several topic; family, motherhood, shopping, money, love fashion
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The template design of her site is very girly, pink centered. She has arranged her site
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It has been appearing. It calls its self gusblake. It is a site of a boy from Ponorogo. If
you have not known Ponorogo yet, it is one of regencies in East Java, Indonesia.
Recently, this town has appeared as public issues because Reog Ponorogo, one of its
local genius traditional dances got on the stage in Malaysia as its icon. I am not going to
talk about this traditional culture. Instead of it, a site which has been built by a young
boy with this local reog spirit has attracted me much.

This site is trying to attract to the world. With its physical design, it is simple but easily
eyes catcher. Each of the pages is divided into three columns with different size. The
left wider column is for main content. The central positioned column is seemingly
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This site concentrates to several topics, namely health, information, tips, trick, thought,
personal sharing, technology, refreshing, travel and other topics. The author named
Sofyan tries to present these topics seriously but in nice way.

Internet makes great impacts on the way we do something, including running business.
Formerly, business had to be physically conducted by face to face. Now days, it has
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Cassandra Morgan is a married woman. She has a kid. As other fixed family, she likes
pets too. She does not close her self to popular stuff; movie, game, electronical
equipments, artist life, progressive music and others. In fact she is a Japanese pop
culture its self.

She has been building her website, The Geek Within. She has composed her reviews
to various topics in side pop culture. She presents them to be known that they are the
recent life of Japanese. Music, interest, digital equipments and accessories are found in
her subject. She eagerly strengthens her website as another side of medium for

She has been familiar with various games. She writes about what she has known. What
she writes in her blog is short but effective. It just shows the way, walking through or not
is up to the reader. She has a brave heart to show what she has known but she has a
willingness to accept any suggestion.

It is about a young mother. It has a title of yummy mummy. This blog is representative
of her idea of becoming young mother. He pours her thought and opinion on this blog in
relating her position of a mother of kid and a wife of a husband. Beside that, she is
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This blog has fresh physical appearance. She choose green border of her template.
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The title is yummy baby and the Author's nick name Yummy Mummy. It is clear enough
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This blog is written in the third person point of view. The third person is the baby itself. It
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